the frank theatre company / Screaming Weenie Productions is a theatre company based in Vancouver, a non-profit society in British Columbia (registration S-44774), and a federally registered charity (86172 8061 RR0001).

Our mission is to produce and promote queer and sex positive performance, facilitating a stronger Queer community by creating and encouraging the performing arts and artists. We strive to create greater positive public awareness and acceptance, through the performing arts, of individuals and groups outside of sexual and gender norms.

We are committed to the development of queer and genderqueer artists and actively inclusive of all gender identities, sexualities and ethnicities.


the frank envisions a world that is free of intolerance and prejudice, and where sexual and gender diversity is accepted and embraced, everywhere in every society, and by everyone.

the frank‘s mission is to explore what it means to be queer, and the place of queer individuals in society, by creating, developing, producing and presenting theatrical work that places queer issues on a global canvas. These are works wherein issues of queer marginalization intersect with other types of marginalization: i.e. economic, racial, gender, political. We are primarily a text-based theatre that trusts in the ability of the playwright to wrestle with these questions.

We champion open-mindedness, authenticity and engagement. We embrace diversity of all kinds, encourage and nurture queer youth, and strive to build bridges between all socially marginalized groups and between queer and non-queer communities.

Queer, Defined: We define Queer as “outside the perceived norm of sexual and gender roles”, including (but not limited to) those who self-identify as asexual, aromantic, bisexual, gay, intersexed, lesbian, pansexual, polyamorous, transgender, transexual, third-sex, two-spirited, queer or questioning (ABGILPPTT32QQ).

Queer Performance, Defined: the writing and production of stories that are bold, strange, curious, peculiar, innovative, unexpected, eccentric, odd, passionate, unconventional, dynamic, homosexual, inspiring, transgender, amusing and/or comical.

the frank is a Regular Member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT).


As the boldest voice of queer theatre on the west coast, the frank theatre company, formerly known as Screaming Weenie Productions, has become synonymous with outrageous, sex-positive performance. The company was conceived from the sweat of founders Matthew Bennet, Ilena Lee Cramer, Dale Kohlmetz and Kären Matthews. From its inception in 1996 until 2008, the company was helmed by Ilena Lee Cramer and became a major voice in the city’s artistic community and a creative beacon in Queer Canada.

In 2008, Seán Cummings was recruited as the company’s next Artistic Director. The company soon gained national recognition as Western Canada’s  professional queer performance company with the adoption of such ventures as the Clean Sheets development series, film and video projects, and a more text-based approach to theatre creation. Seán also invited C.E. Gatchalian to collaborate on various projects including the All The World’s A Stage program. Together they grew the company ten-fold before Seán’s departure in 2012.

Artistic Producer C.E. Gatchalian’s (2011 – 2017), leadership in community outreach, production of new works, and commitment to excellence further solidified the frank as an artistic force on the West Coast. New projects included collaborations with companies in other provinces to further the company’s impact on queer theatre while remembering our audience at home in Vancouver.

Some of our guest artists, collaborators & company members over the years:

Hamza Adam
Lawrence Aronovitch
Siobhan Barker
T. Berto
Lauren Burrows
Petrice Brett
Morgan Brayton
Nadine Carew
Sydney Cavanagh
Pedro Chamale
Evelyn Chew
Sean Conner
Seán Cummings
Ilena Lee Cramer
Amber Dawn
Dave Deveau
Mylene Dinh-Robic
Noah Drew
Tracey Draper
Robert L. Duncan
Lesley Ewen
Drew Facey
Emelia Symington Fedy
Rachel Flood
Tim Furness
Charlie Gallant
C.E. Gatchalian
Glenn Garinther
Christopher Casillan
Dean Paul Gibson
Kirk Gummow
Jen Hall
Manami Hara
Gwen Haworth
Ryan Hesp
Shelley Hobbs
Nicole Holas
Shaira Holman
Marci T House
Liza Huget
Troy Jackson
Jack Jenkins
David C. Jones
Daryl King
Shane L. Koyczan
Jarrett Knowles
Kevin Kraussler
Jason Leane
Kerry Leeper
Heather Lindsay
Amanda Lockitch
Cameron Mackenzie
Amitai Marmorstein
Tanya Marquardt
Kären Mathews
Dawn Wendy McLeod
Dawn Milman
Allan Morgan
Esta Mun
Kirsty Munro
Kris Nelson
Marilyn Norry
Sheila Nyman
Maggie Blue O’Hara
Jergus Oprasal
Colin Ormiston
George Pan
Jillian Perry
Luvia Petersen
Thrasso Petras
Elda Pinkney
John Popkin
Kate Price
Amal Rana
Antonette Rea
Brad Reed
Michael Rinaldi
Damian Rumph
Christina Schild
Naomi Sider
Trevor Skelton
Emma Slip
Joel Stephano
Christine Stoddard
Ryan Swanson
Marina Szijarto
James Fagan Tait
Heidi Taylor
Sheryl Thompson
Michelle Tolosa
Samantha Tucker
Drea Uzans
Hazel Venzon
Deidre Walton
Vera Way
Nathan Whitford
Amy Lucille Wilding
Adrienne Wong
Nelson Wong
Carolyn Yu
Allan Zinyk