A Day at the Races ft. DJ Softieshan – Cancelled!

We are cancelling our event at Hastings Racecourse due to the recent raids by the Canada Border Services and the subsequent events. BC’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch allegedly falsified documents, and migrant workers paid hundreds of dollars for these “licences”, believing they were allowed to work. We believe it would be unethical to proceed, as a intersectional queer company that strives to act in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ2S folks, and people of colour.

Casting Call – Trans Scripts



Paid theatre gig.

The Frank Theatre and Zee Zee Theatre are seeking a trans-spectrum actor for the role of Sandra in their upcoming production of the play Trans Scripts: Part 1, The Women at the Firehall Arts Centre. We want to see what you have. Trans-spectrum applicants of all accents, body-shapes, ancestries, colours, and/or levels of experience are strongly encouraged to apply. We are rehearsing and performing in Vancouver, BC Canada, so you need to be able to make it here, and to legally work in Canada.

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The Frank Theatre and the Queer Arts Festival win two Jessie Awards for Camera Obscura

The Frank was overjoyed to learn that our 2018 production of Camera Obscura at the Queer Arts Festival was nominated for seven Jessies, and won two awards! Camera Obscura was the most technologically ambitious show the Frank has produced, bringing together queer artists from across Canada and incorporating an innovative video design by Sammy Chien, assisted by Kanon Hewitt.

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Diaspora: A Staged Reading at the 2019 Queer Arts Festival

Poster Art by Tamara Touma

The Frank Theatre presents a reading of Diaspora: an interdisciplinary, devised performance created by queer refugees and immigrants.

This collaboration between the Frank’s Artistic Director, Fay Nass, and an ensemble of immigrant artists and community members explores the challenges and freedoms that come with living in exile. Through text, video and physical theatre, it asks audiences to look beyond the Western perception of LGBTQ+ identity, towards diverse notions of gender and sexuality. The personal stories in Diaspora reveal how language and culture shape queerness, and how many queer newcomers leave their country in search of community, only to be excluded from Western queer subcultures. Artistically innovative and emotionally authentic, Diaspora will move audiences and incite cultural exchange.

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