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September 22-24, 2016

FemFest Winnipeg

We’re bringing Miss Understood to Winnipeg as part of Sarasvàti Productions’ FemFest. FemFest is an annual festival of plays by women, for everyone!

It’s been a long journey for this transwoman, from life as a middle-class husband and father to the turmoil of a gender-identity crisis to the Downtown Eastside where she lived as a drug-addicted sex worker. But now is the moment of her triumph. She is a spoken word artist, and when she speaks you’ll be riveted.

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October 14-23, 2016 (plus a preview Oct 13)

Presentation House Theatre

Walt Whitman’s Secret mines the life of the most influential poet in the American canon for insights about creativity, sexuality, relations between the sexes and the often irreconcilable tensions between idealized love and how love actually manifests. Was Whitman – one of history’s most eloquent versifiers on romantic love – ever able to attain the kind of love he wrote so forcefully about?

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