The Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women

Directed by Fay Nass and Cameron Mackenzie
A co-production with Zee Zee Theatre
In association with Firehall Arts Centre
March 12-21, 2020, Firehall Arts Centre

Tickets at the Firehall Arts Centre website, here.

A set of deep-rooted stories full of warmth
and vulnerability that speaks to anyone en route to discovering their own identity. It’s also
whip-smart funny.

The Herald

Delivered with truth and love in some of the most compelling performances you’re
likely to see at the Fringe. There is a generosity to their performance which, though it
isn’t always easy to watch, makes it unmissable theatre.

Time Out London

Trans Scripts centres on the lives of seven transgender women. These true stories, compiled from over 70 interviews from around the world, are honest, funny, moving, insightful and inspiring. But most of all, they are human, shedding light not on our differences, but on what all people share.

Featuring Josie Boyce, Carolynn Dimmer, Amy Fox, Quanah Napoleon, Morgane Oger, Sabrina Symington & Julie Vu

Set Design by Jessica Keenan

Costume Design by CS Fergusson-Vaux

Lighting Design by Keagan Elrick

Sound Design by Sara Vickruck

Stage Managed by Samantha Sue Pawliuk