Screaming Weenie’s Clean Sheets 2010

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New Scripts, Actors, and a Stage

Clean Sheets is the new queer play workshop series produced by Screaming Weenie Productions, an award-winning professional queer theatre company in Vancouver, BC.  Clean Sheets is the annual event of original queer-themed plays by both emerging and established Canadian playwrights.  Plays were selected from an open, nation-wide call for submissions. This year’s playwrights come from Vancouver, Hamilton and Ottawa.

Clean Sheets takes place at the 2010 Queer Arts Festival at the Roundhouse (Dave/Pacific) in Vancouver.

To view photos from Clean Sheets over the years please visit our Facebook photo album here.

Introducing our 2010 plays & playwrights:

Lawrence AronovitchSunday | 08 August | 3:00pm
Galatea by Lawrence Aronovitch (OTTAWA, ON)
Dramaturged by Jack Paterson
Featuring Hamza Adam, Robert L. Duncan, Daryl King, and James Fagan Tait
Performance Centre

Galatea takes a fresh look at the Pygmalion legend from a gay perspective as Harry, a middle-aged painter, falls in love with Eli, the young model who poses for him. The play also tells the story of Georgie, Harry’s lover of some thirty years. Georgie wants to get married but is tired of Harry’s flirtations; he also discovers a common bond with Eli’s new boyfriend, Freddie.

Deidre 'D-Lishus' WaltonSunday | 08 August | 5:00pm
Inna Di Wardrobe by Deidre ‘D-Lishus’ Walton (HAMILTON, ON)
Dramaturged by Lesley Ewen
Featuring Siobhan Barker, Marci T House,Liza Huget, Damian Rumph, and Hazel Venzon
Performance Centre

A Jamaican-Canadian woman comes out to her family by bringing her lesbian lover home for a holiday feast. As the food hits the fan, we find out that there’s more to this immigrant family than meets the eye. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, this story pits intergenerational family dynamics and shifting social mores against the skeletons inna di wardrobe.

Jan DerbyshireMonday | 09 August | 7:30pm
Turkey In The Woods by Jan Derbyshire (VANCOUVER, BC)
Dramaturged by Heidi Taylor
Featuring Morgan Brayton, Marilyn Norry, and Emelia Symington Fedy.
Performance Centre

Hale’s lover, Peaches wants to tie the knot. Hale wants to throw in the rope.  On the advice of her questionable therapist Hale, hoping to solve some of her commitment ‘issues, decides to go home to her family for Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time in ten years. Hale’s mother decides not to have the dinner around the dining room table but outside in the woods, just like the pilgrims. The tract of land she choses for the festivities is surrounded by a rifle range. A burnt comedy for those with a certain type of humor. A drama for others.  Lesbian friendly.

The objectives of Clean Sheets are:

  • To promote and nurture the development of Queer-Canadian playwrights and original work
  • To give theatrical form to issues that deal specifically with the lives of bisexuals, gay men, lesbians, and transgendered people
  • To promote, through theatrical expression, compassion, empathy, and understanding

Screaming Weenie Productions

City of VancouverPride In Art

Clean Sheets 2010 is produced by Screaming Weenie Productions with the support of the City of Vancouver and Pride In Art.