The Year Of The Queer: Fay’s Speech

On Wednesday May 23 2018, Fay Nass was a speaker at the City of Vancouver’s Year of the Queer launch – here is her speech. Hello everyone, I’m Fay Nass, the new Artistic Director of the Frank Theatre. I want to thank the Coast Salish people, caretakers of this land, who have made it possible … [Read more…]

Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts)

June 19 – 23 2018 at the Queer Arts Festival An artist, during a career retrospective, is visited by hungry ghosts from his past; the subject of his most celebrated piece and his former creative partner. These spectres force him to re-view his past actions, in light of the intersecting and sometimes contradictory pressures on … [Read more…]

the frank Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with The Year Of The Queer

From The Georgia Straight: Sometimes the best ideas are hatched over drinks. And so it is with Year of the Queer, which is the City of Vancouver’s recently announced initiative to celebrate significant anniversaries of 15 organizations that serve the city’s LGBT community. It started a few months ago when the executive director of Out … [Read more…]