The Masks of Oscar Wilde: Last 2 Performances!


“Instead of a lecture, think more along the lines of a revue (and it’s appropriately at the Revue Theatre) where the actors are sharing snippets of an artist’s work. In this case, scenes from Oscar Wilde’s life are included and provide context for his decisions regarding his fall from social grace. The actors were delightful to watch and the play was both informative and entertaining.” -PLANK MAGAZINE

“The results are never less than fully compelling, giving further credence to the idea–now taken as virtual dogma–that Wilde’s greatest theatrical creation was himself.“- Peter Dickinson, Performance, Place and Politics

“…Ms. McCarthy is a stand-out! There is certainly enough dramatic tension and biographical material to make this a meaningful play to watch, and if the lecture format is somewhat dry, Ms. McCarthy’s personal anecdotal flourishes add a great deal of colour.” –Review Vancouver

“An entertainment worthy of the ersatz artistocrat, The Masks of Oscar Wilde pays a successful homage to Wilde’s life and works, capturing Wilde’s literary and verbal brilliance, his reflections of Victorian society, and, of course, his completely unique and engaging life.” -Zouch Magazine


in association with the frank theatre company presents


by Shaul Ezer with C.E. Gatchalian


Friday, September 12th at 10:30pm

Sunday, September 14th at 6:45pm*

*ASL Interpretation will be offered at Sunday’s performance

At the Revue Stage on Granville Island

Directed by Amanda Lockitch | Featuring Sean Harris Oliver and Tamara McCarthy

Designed by Christopher David Gauthier | Production Managed by Shannon Macelli | Stage Managed by Alana Freistadt

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View the trailer here and an ASL Vlog from BCRAD.

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