Clue in the Fast Lane

By Ann Marie MacDonald & Beverley Cooper
Directed and produced by Ilena Lee Cramer

Stage managed by Kirsty Munro, sets and props by Kerry Leeper, costumes by Nadine Carew, Lighting by Jason Leane
featuring Christine Stoddard, Luvia Petersen, Elda Pinkney, Trevor Skelton, Amy Lucille Wilding, Kirk Gummow

April 20-29, 2006
Odyssey Nightclub

Famous teen detective Nancy Prew finds herself drawn into mysterious circumstances as she is transported into the future 30 years. She battles her greatest mystery as an evil group attempts to bring back the “good old fashioned family values” of the 1950’s to today’s youth.

“You don’t have to be a Nancy Drew aficionado to appreciate the wit of Cooper and MacDonald’s script, or the effervescent humour of this production. It’s pure, goofy fun.” —Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight