Charisma Furs


Photo by Sly Maria

Charisma Furs is an intimate look at self-worth in a life lived with hunger. Episodic, bizarre, nostalgic, and candid, it is a solo storytelling show which visits everything from a first time submitting to a dominatrix, a surprise win in a schoolyard soccer game, a barely-attended poetry reading that changes everything, and a party that plays Ginuwine’s Pony every hour, on the hour. A personal solo performance about Katie Sly’s difficult relationship with love, both of herself and others. Shared in a small space with a small audience, this piece is intimate. It looks at growing up on social assistance in a patriarchal environment, coming out as queer, and exploring sexual masochism, with a few poetic pit-stops in between. Charisma Furs combines and blurs forms—sometimes it is a storytelling piece, sometimes it is a dance, sometimes it is stand-up comedy. The aesthetics are low-fi and the text is raw. Expect adult language, adult subject matter, nudity, and origami. Come early and Katie will teach you how to make something.

Created by Katie Sly and Jonathan Seinen
Directed by Jonathan Seinen
Performed by Katie Sly
Stage Managed by Kjell Cawsey
Produced by Katie Sly and Jonathan Seinen (Toronto, Ontario)

★★★★½ “Sly otherwise takes her audience along for an evocative, episodic ride….eclectic and intimate, brought out by sheer personality in a shared small space.” – The Torontoist

“….director Seinen gives the piece a nice fluidity, and Sly has an eerily effective presence that at times makes the show feel like a waking dream” – Now Magazine


Photo by Sly Maria

Presented by Upintheair Theatre and the frank as part of the 2016 rEvolver Festival

Wed May 18 – 7:15pm
Thurs May 19 – 9:00pm
Fri May 20 – 6:30pm (with post-show talkback)
Sat May 21 – 9:00pm
Sun May 22 – 7:00pm

The Founders’ Lounge Cabaret @ The Cultch (1895 Venables St, Vancouver)
60 Minutes
WARNING: Adult Content & Nudity