Charisma Furs

Charisma Furs is an intimate look at self-worth in a life lived with hunger. Episodic, bizarre, nostalgic, and candid, it is a solo storytelling show which visits everything from a first time submitting to a dominatrix, a surprise win in a schoolyard soccer game, a barely-attended poetry reading that changes everything, and a party that plays Ginuwine’s … [Read more…]

The Pink Line

What’s it like being a person of colour and being queer in a community where whiteness and queerness are synonymous? Where do you fit when your black hair and brown body mark you out as alone in a sea of fairer limbs and blonde undercuts? What does chosen family look like, when no one in … [Read more…]

Ga Ting

With a refreshed script that delves deeper into issues of race and sexuality, Ga Ting saw sold-out houses at The Cultch in March 2016. Ga Ting weaves a powerful and emotionally-charged story about an immigrant Chinese couple struggling to come to terms with the death of their son Kevin. When they invite Kevin’s Caucasian boyfriend for dinner after the … [Read more…]