Be-Longing: A Collaborative, Digital, Musical Performance

Directed by Fay NassCreated by Fay Nass, Meghna Haldar & Sammy ChienA Partnership with CHIMERIK 似不像 Inspired by “Diaspora,” a community devised projected developed with Queer Arts Festival & Rainbow Refugee Streaming ONLINE from the frank website  December 2nd – 6th, 2020Showtime at 7pm PST90 minutesBe-Longing is a digital theatrical performance incorporating ancient and contemporary lyrics, … [Read more…]

She, Mami Wata & The Pussy WitchHunt

The Frank Theatre presents She, Mami Wata & The Pussy WitchHunt at the 2020 PuSh Festival. January 29th – February 1st at 8pm at Performance Works Tickets on the PuSh Festival website “[A] profound exploration of the intersections between personal identity, sexuality, gender, religion, and the consequences of colonization.”—Mooney on Theatre “She Mami… is scorching … [Read more…]

Camera Obscura (hungry ghosts)

June 19 – 23 2018 at the Queer Arts Festival An artist, during a career retrospective, is visited by hungry ghosts from his past; the subject of his most celebrated piece and his former creative partner. These spectres force him to re-view his past actions, in light of the intersecting and sometimes contradictory pressures on … [Read more…]