Casting Call – Trans Scripts



Paid theatre gig.

The Frank Theatre and Zee Zee Theatre are seeking a trans-spectrum actor for the role of Sandra in their upcoming production of the play Trans Scripts: Part 1, The Women at the Firehall Arts Centre. We want to see what you have. Trans-spectrum applicants of all accents, body-shapes, ancestries, colours, and/or levels of experience are strongly encouraged to apply. We are rehearsing and performing in Vancouver, BC Canada, so you need to be able to make it here, and to legally work in Canada.

About the play:

Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women is the culmination of four years of interviews with more than 75 people of trans experience in six countries. It centres on the lives of seven transgender women. Their true stories, told in their own words, are honest, funny, moving, insightful, and inspiring. But most of all, they are human, shedding light not on our differences, but on what all people share. The show does not seek to represent a definitive or all- inclusive overview of this rich and complex subject.

The Role:

Sandra: White Trans Female, 65. (Note: *you* don’t have to be or pass as white, and you don’t have to be 65) A former garage mechanic with the soul of a poet, she underwent an expensive, well-supervised transition at 40. Her soothing artificial dialect lays like a beautiful shawl over the tent poles of a Staten Island accent. Compassionate, forgiving, and analytical, she likes to be clear, often leading to parenthetical statements. Her presentation is extremely polished.


$2,000 pro-rated over the course of rehearsal and performance.

Audition Info:

Please send us:- A headshot or selfie- A list of any performance you’ve ever done, if any- A one-sentence statement clearly identifying yourself as somewhere on the trans spectrum- Confirmation that you can make the location and dates- A video of your audition for the sides. Cellphone videos are fine, just make sure we can see and hear you. Try to show us a range of emotions and depth of these sides through natural delivery.

Please find the sides in the file below:

Please send the video to and by August 30th 2019 at 4pm. Please

If you need assistance with taping, please contact Amy Fox at:

About the Companies:

The frank theatre company:

The frank is a theatre company based in Vancouver. Our mission is to produce and promote queer and sex positive performance, facilitating a stronger Queer community by creating and encouraging the performing arts and artists. We strive to create greater positive public awareness and acceptance, through the performing arts, of individuals and groups outside of sexual and gender norms.

Zee Zee Theatre:

Zee Zee Theatre believes in individual stories that provoke and inspire us, and that foster common understanding and empathy across our diverse human experiences. Zee Zee explores intimate moments through which the infinite complexity of human character can be revealed.


Actors MUST be available for all the following dates:

Nov 2 5-8pm

Nov 6 5-8pm

Nov 9 5-8pm

Nov 23 5-8pm

Nov 27 5-8pm

Nov 30 5-8pm

Dec 4 5-8pm

Dec 7 5-8pm

Dec 11 5-8pm

Dec 14 5-8pm

Feb 8 5-8pm

Feb 12 5-8pm

Feb 14 5-8pm

Feb 15 5-8pm

Feb 17 5-8pm

Feb 19 5-8pm

Feb 21 5-8pm

Feb 22 5-8pm

Feb 24 5-8pm

Feb 26 5-8pm

Feb 28 5-8pm

Feb 29 5-8pm

Mar 2nd – 5th 5-8pm

Tech Week & Opening weekend

Mar 10 10am-10pm 12 hour Cue to Cue

Mar 11 10am-10pm 12 hour Cue to Cue & Dress Rehearsal 8pm

Mar 12 12pm-10pm 10 hour Rehearsal & Preview 8pm

Mar 13 7pm-10pm, Show Open 8pm

Mar 14 7pm-10pm, Show time 8pm

Mar 15 1pm-4pm, Show time 2pm

Run of Show: Mar 17th – 21st 7pm-10pm (Show time 8pm)