Be-Longing: A Collaborative, Digital, Musical Performance

Be-Longing Official Trailer from Chimerik on Vimeo.

Created by Fay Nass, Meghna Haldar & Sammy Chien
A Partnership with CHIMERIK 似不像

Streaming ONLINE from the frank website 
Ticket $10 – $60*
December 16th – 20th, 2020
Showtime at 6pm PST (Online for 23 hours)
60 minutes

With Closed Captioning.

Be-Longing is a digital theatrical performance incorporating ancient and contemporary lyrics, devised performance, movement and interdisciplinary media about the nature of queer desire, exile, mourning and migration in diaspora. A collaboration between three Canadian artists from Taiwan, Iran and India, Be-Longing is an innovative and elegiac ode to home during a time of contagion.

Content Warning: Dialogue about racism and homophobic and transphobic violence.

*If you are low income, and our ticket prices are a barrier for you, please email Associate Producer Anais West at and we can give you cost-free access to the performance.

khattieQ and Baraka Rahmani in Be-Longing

“The piece is a hybrid between theatre, music, film and media arts,” says director & co-creator Fay Nass. “It will bring magic and a sense of joy to our homes and hearts in these isolated times.”

Helmed by powerhouse queer artists of colour Fay Nass (theatre),
Sammy Chien (media arts) & Meghna Haldar (film), Be-Longing unites us in a time of distance and uncertainty. A cast of four immigrant actors dance, sing and manipulate miniature sets, expressing a yearning that is both specific to queer people in diaspora, and universal to us all.

“The world is chaotic and unstable,” Fay adds, “more than ever, we need art to heal, to live, to build community. “

khattieQ, Baraka Rahmani, Jackson Wai Chung Tse, and Alexandra Lainfiesta in Be-Longing


Theatrical Direction by Fay Nass
Film Direction by Meghna Haldar
New Media Direction by Sammy Chien

Original Text Written by:
Meghna Haldar, Jonathan Giang Nguyễn, Mithra Bahrami, Fay Nass, C. S. Fergusson-Vaux, Sammy Chien and Alexander Pershai

Alexandra Lainfiesta, khattieQ, Jackson Wai Chung Tse & Baraka Rahmani

Music Direction and Original Compositions by Taymaz Saba
Sound Design by Helena Krobath
Choreography & Movement Dramaturgy
by Arash Khakpour
Set & Maquette Design by Jennifer Stewart
Costumes by Carmen Alatorre
Digital Design by CHIMERIK 似不像

Director of Photography: Kaayla Whatchell
Production Manager: Nicole Lamb
Stage Management by Susan Miyagishima
Assistant Stage Management by Katie Voravong


Chimerik 似不像

Media Arts & Design Director: Sammy Chien
Film Editor, Colourist & Film Facilitator: Han Pham
Post-Production Supervisor, Film Facilitator & Project Assistant: Andrea Velez
Graphic Designer & Visual Artist: Ivan So
Media Arts Collaborator: Nita Bowerman
Media Arts Assistants, Support & Contributors: Kellen Jackson, Caroline MacCaull, Jackson Chien, Tiffany Tam, Kanon Hewitt
Official Trailer Video Editor: Caroline MacCaull
Subtitles: Andrea Velez, Han Pham

Inspired by “Diaspora,” a devised projected developed with Queer Arts Festival & Rainbow Refugee

Photo by Kimberly Ho