The Aspect of Eternity – Readings of Queer Plays Exploring Faith

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How does one reconcile queer sexuality and Christian faith? Is there room for both in our contemporary society?  the frank theatre company, in association with St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church and Third Street Theatre, presents The Aspect of Eternity – a play-reading series that explores the middle ground between two often opposed perspectives: being queer and loving God.

Dates: The Book of Esther: Tuesday March 10thOblivion: March 12th

Time: 7pm both nights

Location: St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church, 1012 Nelson St., Vancouver

Tickets: Admission is by cash donation at the door (minimum suggested donation of $10)


The Book of Esther– by Leanna Brodie

It’s 1981, and everything is about to change. Inside a downtown apartment, two out-and-proud urban queers square off with two evangelical Christian farmers. What could they possibly have in common? Her name is Esther, she is 15 years old, and she has just run away from home…

Oblivion– by Jonathan Brower

Oblivion is set in a world where a vaccine has been created that can eliminate our brain’s capacity for faith and spirituality. After Tim undergoes conversion therapy, this vaccine could be his only way to deal with his mental and emotional well-being. Turmoil ensues when he realizes getting the vaccination puts his relationships, beliefs, and entire life history in jeopardy.


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